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Alright you little media fuckers.

Wanna hear a real analysis? We’re sick of your shit.Now get out your fucking pad and paper cause I’m about to drop the news on your asses.

We’re still in this bitch. Liverpool are on top. We’re closer than you give us credit, however. We still have 2 extra games to play. There’s still a hell of a lot of football to be played. It’s Liverpool’s to lose now. While they wait for the glory to roll in, we’re fighting for ours.

So talk your talk. Go congratulate your shitty little Suarez boy. Enjoy it while you can. Cause we’re coming. If you don’t think a loss like this propels us forward, you’re in for a rather rude awakening.

 But who gives a fuck anyway, right? We’re not really here.

"Besides, we’re experts at pulling off miracles." - Vincent Kompany

I’m out. See you on the pitch, bitches. 

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